Australiana Product Line

925 Sterling silver Kangaroo on handcrafted black porcelain pendant
925 Sterling silver Kangaroo on handcrafted black porcelain pendant


I created twenty three years ago as a business selling a ‘surf’ line of jewellery. Initially in Spain, I then relocated it to Bali, Indonesia and established retail outlets and used it as a base for international sales of a continuously expanding line of porcelain and silver jewellery.
Relocated to Fremantle, Western Australia in 2006 I have expanded my jewellery lines, while developing a range of lamps made of porcelain and recycled materials for galleries, and more recently the line that I think suits Australian Way as a range of porcelain souvenirs.

The Products:

The Australiana line comprises three offerings;

  1. A series of porcelain pendants depicting cute Australian animals and some of our unique flora. These are packaged to include a 2ml bottle of a unique blend of Australian essential oil that can be ‘dropped’ on the porcelain pendant, which when worn, will discretely diffuse a beautiful scent of the Australian bush.
  2. The pendants are also available at a lower price point without the essential oil.
  3. And the same porcelain pieces have magnets attached and are available bundled as two pieces in a tin to be sold as ‘fridge magnets’.

Packaging is attractive, both in appearance and size, and these ‘souvenirs’ will sell to tourists wishing to take a piece of Australiana with them.

Yes. If projected sales volumes support branding changes on packaging, we would be supportive.

We currently don’t use a rebate structure.

We will support Sale or Return but the attached Price List is based on Distributor purchasing.

We constantly monitor prices. Prices are adjusted in consultation with the Distributor.

Small range of gift shops throughout South Western Australia, Fremantle Arts Centre, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Aspects of Kings Park.
We will develop in consultation with you if appropriate.

Display box containing product. We supply product information sheets for sales personnel. We are open to your suggestions.

Shelf or counter top.

We find that telephone and e-mail work well.

Reorder via interactive PDF order form. Initial stock supplied ready to display, replenishment supplied to order.